Viral Monopoly: She’ll Be Comin’ ‘rond Da Corner – It’s GO Time, People!

By Bosco McGowan: The Residual Income Guy

Viral Monopoly Scam or simply Viral Monopoly push a button traffic miracle maker: we can really soon discover.

I continue to be hopefully doubtful, which I reason is the healthful outlook. I highly recommend having this outlook. That merely says I hold an open way of thinking, but predicated on experience, I will be not gambling the family farm on it, if you know what I mean

I truly have an issue with any variety of Internet marketing product which promises to impart push button web traffic. This writer has gotten burned for that before and This observer has known a large amount of other Internet entrepreneurs who also have gotten burned by  that.

It’s a vast fantasy. Merely type in some info & a link to your latest money page, then click your mouse & sit back and wait for your Merchant account to fill up with 1000’s of dollars.

I can’t be certain about you, but speaking for myself, I can articulate that it has not happened yet.  Justin Michie, the Viral Monopoly owner swears that this is revolutionary software & data that will surely make it trouble-free to make your web pages go viral.

He actually says you don’t need a website of your own.  He’s referring to  plugging in your affiliate website information & making a few entries into his web based software program, and that pretty much is the extent of your work.

I am not confident at this point in time because I’ve yet to utilize it. I am a few days away from picking up an early release copy, but from his early promotions, that looks to be what he is declaring.

It sounds too fantastic to be factual.  I truly have learned that the way to earn cash online is to be taught & apply skills, continuously over time. Keep learning and persist in taking action.

Then again, I am aware that automation can take you levels of success you would never go without it, or it will get you to your goals years quicker, so I can’t rule out the possibility that this is for real.

Personally, my feeling is that even if it is genuine, there is a lot of exaggeration involved. For instance, your triumph is going to take ability & time, but possibly this program will shorten the time it takes and make it quite  easier.

Obviously that does not sell as well as saying that you can make anything allegedly go viral at the touch of some magical button.  I have learned to forgive marketers for at least some embellishment, if they truthfully possess  a really good product.

I have learned to read between the proverbial lines.

If you truly would like to know my take on the Viral Monopoly / Justin Michie thing, sign up here for my Viral Monopoly Scam Reviews, and as soon as I know, you will too.

I’m not going to say it’s great if it blows chunks.

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