Using Social Marketing As A Way To Get More Blog Traffic Social Bookmarking Is Absolutely A Great Way To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog Getting Targeted Traffic Is Simpler When You Use Social Bookmarking

Getting traffic for your blog is a trouble almost every blogger has to deal with. You can find loads of programs on the Internet that claim to be able to get you more blog traffic but many of them provide nothing. You will find real ways to get traffic to your blog without having to use any of those useless traffic programs and we are going to explain one of those methods in this article.

Most of these social bookmarking sites will be able to get you a lot of traffic just from the social sites you distribute your posts to. Something else you need to know is that each time you publish one of your blog posts on these types of social bookmarking sites you end up building backlinks. The search engines really like backlinks and the more you obtain the the more visitors the search engines tend to send you. Now you must also understand that the search engines will usually rank your Internet site higher when you have more backlinks.

The right way to do this is to subscribe to as many high page rank social bookmarking Internet sites as you can. Some of those higher page rank sites are sites like Google Bookmarks, Hi5 and Reddit. Needless to say there are 100s of social bookmarking websites that are available on the web. Actually, your best bet is to subscribe to about 50 of these Internet sites. If you need to know were you can find a list of these kinds of social bookmarking sites you can merely use a search engine. I ought to tell you that when you begin to set these up be sure you have a few hours to go through them all.

At this point every single day when you add a new post to your blog you will want to take the hyperlink to that post and add it to each and every social bookmarking site. In the beginning you will probably find that this can take about 2 hours per day but in time you should be able to cut that down to about an hour or so. This technique when done each day can present you with an instant surge in your website visitors.

Something you may want to consider are people who will actually go out and set up a number of social bookmarking sites for you and usually just ask for about 5 to 10 dollars to do this for you. While that will help you save time on the join up process, you will still have to make your posts everyday. For those of you who would like an easier approach to get these links published on social bookmarking websites there are two programs that could help. Ping. fm and only wire will be the 2 programs that can handle your posts. Your blog posts are going to be automatically posted to these Internet sites when you use one of those services.

To put it briefly, social bookmarking can really provide your site traffic the boost that it needs to take your earnings to the next level. Of course you need to keep in mind that you will not only be generating traffic from the social websites but by building 50 backlinks each day you will be getting a great deal of attention from the search engines.

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