Top 7 Reasons For Failure In Affiliate Marketing By New Affiliates

Affiliate Marketing Successes are trumpeted from the roof-tops but failures are not talked about. It is well known that less than 10% of the affiliates do make money yet thousands jump on to the affiliate marketing band wagon everyday hoping against hope that they too can hit the Jackpot. Affiliate Marketing Programs are a great attraction to many because of the simplicity with which these can be started. Unfortunately in spite of the urge to be an affiliate marketer the lack of knowledge and improper strategies has been the cause of failures. The main reasons for the failures can be attributed to:

1. Choosing the wrong Affiliate Program:

Choosing the wrong affiliate program has been the reason for the failure of many affiliates. The Internet is flooded with scams of one kind or the other and the hype is so powerful that many Newbies swallow them hook line and sinker and join these scams. They finally end up frustrated and disappointed having lost a lot of money in the process.

2. Joining too many Affiliate Programs initially:

Handling too many affiliate programs at the beginning can be very difficult and stressful especially if you do not possess prior experience. This can lead to failure and disappointment. It is possible to promote several programs but it is advisable to have one main affiliate program where you should direct all your energy and expertise in promoting it.

3. No set Goal:

Most new entrepreneurs do not have a goal. They do things in a slip shod manner hoping to make money in a short time. This attitude will never bring success. There has got to be a goal and a plan to achieve it preferably a short term and a long term plan.

4. Not prepared to Invest in Time and Knowledge:

Many people become affiliates with the hope of raking in huge amounts of money. There is nothing wrong with that but the irony is that they are not prepared to spend some time learning about affiliate marketing and improving their knowledge which are basic requirements that ensure success.

5. Insufficient Advertisement and Promotion:

The success of an affiliate marketer is to a great extent dependant on how well his products and services are made known to the public and the Internet world. Similarly the cause of failure of most of the affiliates is due to insufficient and inefficient promotional strategies. There are many free and low cost ways of advertising and promoting the Home Business yet the fact remains that you have to spend money to make money.

6. Ignorance and Negligence of Website Promotion:

Website promotion is one of the cheapest and best ways of promoting your products and services. Just having banners and links to your products is not going to bring the traffic you need to succeed. Ignorance or negligence of promotional strategies is another reason for failure. You should have unique fresh and relevant content to attract the Search Engines and visitors to your website.

7. Giving up Too Soon:

Some affiliates give up after a month or two having realized that they cannot make thousands of dollars overnight as indicated in some scams. On the other hand there are affiliates who have genuinely made every effort to succeed but decide to give up just when their hard work is beginning to bear fruit. Unfortunately this is the sad story of many affiliates who have decided to consider themselves as failures and throw in the towel when a little more time and effort would have yielded rich dividends.


If an affiliate is passionate about his Affiliate Marketing Home Business and remains motivated the above reasons for failure can never be a problem for him. He will succeed while many others fail and drop out.

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