To Market on Line, Where Do You Find Good Traffic? | website traffic

In order to grow your downline and build your network marketing business, you need traffic and lots of it.
Some say it’s a numbers game, the  more clicks you get the better the odds of making a sale. Others say
it’s the quality of the traffic that you’re getting that is the most important. Never the less, it’s still comes
back to the realization that you need traffic to your site if you want to get sign-ups or make sales.

You could buy traffic, there are hundreds of places offering to sell list, or rent you access to their list and
etc. Of course you always need to do a test to see if the list is as responsive as you were told. Buy a small sample
and do a mailout, track the results to see the ratio of clicks to sales. E-Zine advertising is a prime example of using
someone else’s list to get your add in front of thousands of subscribers. And PPC is always an option for getting traffic.
Not only the search engines, but some social networks like Stumbled Upon, Face Book and My Space are sites where
you can buy advertising space. When buying traffic from the main search engines the cost could be .30 to .50 cents
per click. But when buying on a social network, it could actually be as small as .05 cents. Big difference if you’re
trying to stay into a relatively small budget.

One of the almost forgotten ways of generating traffic is the good ole banner ads. You can buy space on almost any
classified site, and if the ad is interesting, you’re almost guaranteed someone will click on to get more information.
The downside of banner advertising is you have to have the banner posted on your website with it’s own link. That’s
kind of a down fall for people doing Affiliate Marketing. Someone else has the password to entering and programming
what’s allowed to be seen on the actual web page.

My favorite ways of generating traffic is what’s called Forum advertising. There you can add to the conversation and post
your web link in your signature file at the bottom of the post. So the more you contribute to the forum, the more times
everyone see’s your signature at the bottom. In doing that, now you also have an idea of what the topic of conversation
of the day is and what concerns everyone has. Turn that information into a blog post for people to read, then revise the blog
post and turn that into an Article for submitting. It’s almost a snowball effect so to speak. You got exposure three or more
different times and with adding your website url to the post, people reading will see it and hard telling how many will
want more information. I don’t get a ton of leads using this right now, but I’ll take anything that’s extra.

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