The Truth About Monavie

Monavie is an interesting company, it experienced unprecedented growth in its early days and has some of the most impressive earning figures ever published in the Network Marketing Industry.

You will find a lot of Monavie reviews around , many will be designed to get you to sign up as they are written by existing members of Monavie. As I personally am not involved with the company you can rest assured of a neutral review that won’t be pitching you to join the company.

The foundation of the juice products is the popular acai berry, there has been no official recognition of the health benefits that the products provide although, the testimonies from people using the products speak for themselves, it’s a great juice which really is improving people’s lives across the world.

I am always amazed how many people have actually left their existing company to join Monavie. I have no doubt that the products are very good because of the amount of folks who experience rapid progress within this company.

Even more incredible is the sheer number of distributors who are making massive incomes. If you look at the latest earning disclosure on the compensation plan, it show twenty seven people at Black Diamond Rank and seven at Royal Black Diamond Executive and they are bringing in over $1.4 million per anum. These are some astounding figures, usually there are maybe 3-6 top earners in any network marketing organisation. On the other side of the coin, most distributors are in the bottom income bracket earning less than 35 dollars per week.

I will be showing you at the end of this article how you can become a top earner in the mlm industry.

I have always been interested in the speed of Monavies growth since they launched in Jan 2005. This was because Amway’s top distributor Brig Hart saw a good opportunity with Monavie and decided to join and bring his entire downline with him. He had a massive team of many thousands. The end result was Monavie growing to one of the biggest network marketing companies around within their first year. There was much arguing between Monavie and Amway about this. In my opinion network marketers should be free to do as they wish, if better products and compensation arises then go for it. Given the opportunity, I would have done the same.

The compensation plan pays out at 50% of volume making it one of the most attractive in the network marketing industry. This is a binary pay plan and it can be complicated to understand so make sure you research it. You must make sure that you have both of your organisation legs balanced, otherwise all your hard earned cash is just going to go up the chain.

If you are marketing correctly then you can make a lot on money with Monavie.

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