Starting A Home Business In Five Simple Steps

The dream of starting a home business is deeply ingrained in the psyche of almost each and every American. At times it is the wish to be a successful entrepreneur and like bill Gates create an empire while for others it is simply the hope of turning a hobby into a marginally successful business that will meet all financial obligations and enable the dreamer to stay at home and not hold down a traditional nine to five job. For those who are seriously considering stepping out and trying to build that business from their spare bedroom or a basement, here are five steps you can follow on your road to becoming a small business entrepreneur.

Starting a home business requires that you know what you want to do and that the activity is legal in the area where you want to do it. For example, if you are wonderful with children and would like to become a stay at home mom, then it would make sense to start an in-home daycare so that you will have the ability to make money from your childrearing expertise. Unfortunately, if you live in a rental unit or in a covenant controlled community, you may find that running a home daycare is specifically forbidden. Thus, the first step to starting a home business is harmonizing your dream with the available facility.

Secondly, starting a home business requires some legality which needs to be observed. First and foremost you will need to decide on a name, preferably something that will explain what the business is about, and then use this name to create a corporation and obtain any licenses you may require from the governing agencies. In some cases this might require a business license while in others it might be a permit to sell food related items, and so forth. The nature of your business will dictate the legalities involved.

Thirdly are the financial considerations. Decide what you need to get started. Be frugal, but at the same time be realistic. You can start your freelance typist business with very little money, while your catering business will require a bit more financial assistance. Purchasing the top of the line equipment is a waste of money, and rather than buying the best and the biggest, opt for small and used. You can always upgrade as your business expands.

The fourth step on the road to starting a home business is the question of having adequate insurance. If you operate a business which will bring people into your home, you need to be insured in case someone trips on the rug or falls on the stairs. Do not assume your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will cover any such incidents! Similarly, you need insurance for yourself in case you get sick, disabled or injured and cannot work.

Finally, the fifth step to starting a home business is to join business related organizations, such as the local chapter of the Chamber of Commerce, business clubs, volunteer organizations, and also online clubs. For example, if you are in the business of grooming dogs, you will want to joint dog fancier clubs and be apprised of their events and thus have the opportunity to network with those who bring their pets.

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