Robert Collier Letter Book


Rober Collier Letter Book 

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Table of Contents – The Robert Collier Letter Book

1. What Is It That Makes Some Letters Pay?

2. How To Arouse That Acquisitive Feeling

3. Getting News Interest Into Your Letters

4. Word Pictures That Make People Want Your Product

5. Motives That Make People Buy

6. The Proof Of The Pudding

7. Supplying That Impulse

8. How To Put A Hook Into Your Letters

9. The Six Essentials

10. How It All Began

11. The First Olive

12. Selling $2,000,000 Worth Of O. Henry Stories

13. A World History That Sold

14. Books That Many People Know

15. How Wells’ “Outline” Was Sold

16. How The BookBuyers Saved A Campaign

17. A Giant Of The Mails

18. The Third Fifty Thousand

19. Will You Accept This Little Gift?

20. One Million Dollars’ Worth Of Orders In The First Six Months

21. Taking The Guess Out Of Advertising

22. We Help To Start A Store

23. How To Reach The Leaders

24. Collecting With A Smile

25. The Ideal Sales Letter

26. How To Raise Money By Mail

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