Residual Income Profits – Best Affiliate Program I’ve Ever Used

If you search the internet you’ll most likely find millions of free and also paid online affiliate programs.  Many are simply scams while a few of them are legit and can actually be used to make a pretty good second income.

If you’re anything like me you probably have signed up to these online affiliate programs and tried to make money from them but failed for some reason or another.  If this sounds familiar, read on to find out how to locate the right top affiliate program for you and how to promote it to start making money in whatever niche you decide to promote.  All affiliate programs are not created equal as you learned form your earlier experiences.  I too was about to throw in the towel until I found the Residual Income Profits system.  But why is it that some work and others don’t?  Below are some reasons why.

(1) You must know the Right Affiliate Programs To Promote

Most people are under the mistaken notion that just because an affiliate program doesn’t cost anything to use it that they can promote it and get rich.  Nothing can be farther away from the truth as anything in life worth doing is worth doing correctly, and of course you get what you pay for.  The reality is that if an affiliate program is free to use, then most likely thousands of people will want to sign up to promote it.  What is there to lose?  Nothing, therefore the market is flooded with people half-heartedly promoting the product you are legitimately trying to promote  Not to mention that since thousands of people are promoting it, competition will be stiff and the likelihood of actually profiting form it will be slim.

When supply is greater than demand, there can be no profit.

So stay away from free online affiliate programs and look for a program that either has a proven track record or one that is put together by professionals and is brand new.  If you can find such a program you will be ahead of everyone else that tries to jump on the moneymaking bandwagon after it’s already rolled by.  The best online affiliate program that will likely make earn you a good residual income will be the one that very few people are promoting initially and which is in great demand. The demand MUST be greater than supply and you must get into it early.

Most likely, such an affiliate program will not be offered free!  You will have to pay for it to promote it as I did, and so far I have made my initial payment back many times over.  When people are required to pay to promote an affiliate program, most people will not sign up for it and only few people will promote it, and believe me they will be determined.  This will then guarantee that the demand for it will be greater than the number of people who promote it and this means that the profitability for it will skyrocket.

(2) Build a few Landing Pages For Your Affiliate Programs

You must create a landing page at your website for any affiliate program which you desire to promote.  This is critical to get the word out (advertising).  At the landing page, you should include a short introduction of the affiliate program, preferably, your own personal experience of using the program or a short review of whether it’s any good or not.  Include the link to the affiliate program website somewhere on your page.  You may also add Google Adsense ads and other pay per click ads as well as Clickbank products on this page to monetize it, the more the merrier.  This will up your chance to monetize form each and every visitor to your site regardless of whether or not they purchase your affiliate product.  By having a landing page for your affiliate programs at your website, you have the advantage of not losing all the traffic you’ve built up if the affiliate program is stopped.  If the affiliate program which you’re promoting is discontinued, you may replace it with another similar affiliate program and continue generating income from it.

(3) Secret To Promote Your Online Affiliate Program

Online marketing has become more difficult than rocket science and it’s evolving each and every day.  During the past couple of years, most affiliate marketing strategies which used to work just a year ago don’t work anymore.  Google Adwords: If you try to promote an online affiliate program, which hundreds of thousands of others are already promoting using Google Adword and pay per click advertising, you’ll end up squandering thousands of dollars! This has happened to many people already.  So stop squandering your money in pay per click advertising.

You may also try to use article writing to promote your affiliate programs.  But very few people know the “SECRET” on how to write a highly optimized interesting article which will attain top ranking in the search engines and therefore produce traffic and sales for your online affiliate program.  To succeed in doing this, you must know how to optimize the article, it must be interesting and you must post it where many people will read it.  If you write and post an article but it can’t be found in the search engines when people search for the affiliate program which you’re promoting and if people are not reading it at the article directories where you posted it, you’ll not generate any traffic or sales!  This is what many people are doing and among the TOP reasons why they are not making any money in their online affiliate marketing.

(4) Traffic Is The Lifeblood Of Success In Online Affiliate Marketing Program

There are so many naïve people who have spent their hard earned money buying internet marketing e-books, programs and videos from so called internet marketing gurus and as if that is not enough, they have been suckered into squandering thousands of dollars attending seminars organized by these so called gurus only to find out that what they are peddling are outdated and archaic internet marketing strategies which don’t work any more.

In conclusion, there are still a few online affiliate programs which are easy to market and generate obscene income and there are still many jealously guarded traffic generating secrets which work and which can explode your website traffic and sales and so make you rich instantly.

But they are not free. They will cost you some money.  But trust me when I say that money will be very well spent.

If you’re ready to pay to sign up in any of these few online affiliate programs, and to get the powerful traffic generating secrets of millionaire webmasters, then you’re serious about getting rich from online affiliate programs.

I hope you find all the success you deserve in life.  The online marketing and affiliate marketing world is a billion dollar a year industry that is only going to grow.  Join me in the road to financial freedom so that you too may someday tell your boss to go pound sand.

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