Power 3 Marketing – How To Generate Income Helping Offline Businesses

Power 3 Marketing – The Best Way To Generate Income Helping Offline Businesses

One of the largest growth areas in the arena of internet marketing is taking your online abilities and offering your professional services to offline clients. There are probably quite a few factors for this direction. There are several people who have tried to make money online and found that it is not as uncomplicated as they thought. This is coupled with the fact that there is a necessity for local businesses to have more online exposure. The guidance they need might readily be satisfied by the knowledge you currently have from internet marketing. Power 3 Marketing is a membership site that strives to help you tap this market through the training and information it provides.

Power 3 Marketing is the creation of David Bocock and Jennifer Ledbetter who is commonly known as online as PotPieGirl. The membership provides three entry levels with the first and foremost one being free. The higher degrees of membership is what you truly need for long term financial success but the first level can at a minimum get you started with neighborhood businesses. The gold membership is a one time fee and once inside be well prepared to be faced with a lot of coaching material. Therefore we will now take a look at what is inside this membership level which consists of four modules with several videos.

Local search listings and how you can get high rankings is the theme of the first training module. This covers every one of the stages in taking you up to developing websites after initially researching a market. This is geared towards all levels of experience since if you are brand new you will need to know about domain registration and internet hosting. How to publish to your sites and build these using wordpress are all spelled out in detail. The reason why you would want to fully grasp how to do this is that once you have sites that rank high for local keywords and phrases you can rent them out or sell off advertising on them. Google Places and PPC advertising are covered in modules two and three of the training.

The conclusion to make at outset might be to choose where you initially feel comfortable to specialize in. Having contact with local businesses so that you begin to make money is often omitted from training. The training in this case is rounded off by the way to do this in module four so that you can start experiencing some success. You can step up to the monthly pay platinum membership though it is important to note that the gold level is adequate to get your business going.

The choice of immediate platinum membership or upgrading later down the line is there for you to consider. There is additional training and items you can use which will allow your business to broaden faster. Articles that have been written and are accessible for you to use is just one resource you can take advantage of. For help and to learn from the experience of other people you will have permission to access the platinum member forum.

The Power 3 Marketing membership is very thorough and you need to allow time to go through the training. Local business owners need help and you shall  be  taught by  people  who are  prosperous  in this  market.

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