Philippines Retirement Visa

One can retire and live in the Philippines in several ways. It doesn’t cost much to get a tourist visa in the Philippines. You don’t need to do anything other than show up in the Philippines to get your tourist visa. Upon entering the Philippines, your visa is stamped with a tourist visa. This visa is valid for 21 days.  Before the end of those 21 days, head down to the nearest immigration office to get an extension for 59 days.
Several types of visas are offered in the Philippines, one of them is the <a href=”>retirement visa</a>. It is a bit more of an initial hassle and there are serious fees for the application.  It doesn’t cost a lot more over time though. The special resident retirement visa is less hassle on a month to month basis.  It also allows you to own a business in the Philippines. This visa also gives you the rights granted to a foreign resident living in the Philippines.
I have an eBook that will explain the different types of visa.  It goes into some detail regarding some of the different visas one can obtain in the Philippines.  The Philippines has made it really easy for foreigners to live here. You can get the <a href=”>Basic Expat Training Manual here.</a>

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