Network Marketing…Back to Basic’s!

In network marketing, if you’re like me,  it’s so easy to get drug into the hype that there is one traffic generating program out there, that is the silver bullet that we’ve been looking for to catapult your business to the top. My mailbox fills up with one network market traffic generating program after another, and as they used to say in radio, The hits just keep on coming.

All these work from home distractions are the main reason that I took a look at what I was doing, what I was getting done per day and I wasn’t happy with the results. It seems I was one busy network marketer; dappled a little over here then jump over there and do some posting over here,until the day was gone, I was tired and the results were Neil, nothing.

If you look at exactly what you’re trying to accomplish or should be trying to accomplish, on a daily basis, in your network marketing business, it’s really pretty simple and should flow like this.

No.1) Build a list of opt in subscribers.
No. 2) Build a Relationship with your list.
No.3) Now go and Market to Your list.

If any of your activities aren’t  geared toward doing one of these three things, then it’s probably a time waster and should be stopped immediately. One thing I’d like to say about No 2. is the fact that we’ve all been told over and over that the money is in the list. That’s only partially true. The money is actually in the relationship that you have with your list, otherwise, you could buy a list of 40K, names and email addresses, load up your auto responder and start mailing them on an hourly or daily basis. I’ve been there, done that, and the responses weren’t very pleasant, believe me, so don’t go there.

In network marketing and working from home, I have instituted a program that I call, “My Daily Five”. This isn’t my original idea, I got it from Mike Dillard, author of <a href=”%20″ style=”font-size: 11px;” target=”_self”>Magnetic Sponsoring</a> and if you haven’t read Magnetic Sponsoring, I’d strongly advise it. It will change your business and your marketing approach for the better.

The way that “My Daily Five” works is simple. Before I log off the computer for the day, I simply open wordpad, and list 5 things that I need to get done the next day. That’s it. It keeps you focused while working on your list, but it also starts you thinking subconsciously during your sleep time about what you need to get done and how to effectively accomplish what’s on the list.

My Daily Five looks something like this:

No 1. Post comments to 5 Forums
No 2. Read and Post to Linkedin
No 3. Leave a Comment on 5 New Blogs
No 4. Invite Friends on YouTube (could be any social network)
No 5. Write a new blog post. (yesterday, it was make a new video)

See how I keep the list simple and don’t let it become overwhelming for me. If the list was too big and too hard, I’d probably never get started because I would feel defeated right from the start. Compare working on this list to laying bricks for a building or a house. Brick layers only pick up one brick at a time, not two, not three, just one brick at a time and in no time it seems the job is finished and looks fantastic. Not only do they just pick up one brick at a time, but watch all the time and care that they give that one brick. It has to be placed, leveled and mortared  before they even think about reaching for another one. That’s how you should treat the list, start with one task, complete that one task and stay away from reaching for another one until the first one has been completely finished. Remember, work your list daily and use the KISS method, “keep it simple silly”.

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