Is The Empower Network A Scam?

Welcome to my review site on the Empower Network. My name is Steven Saliba and I have been an online marketer for almost 4 years. Since that time, I have seen A LOT of online systems and business models. I have never seen anything like the Empower Network before. This system is truly going to revolutionize the way online systems are made.

The Empower Network is a cutting edge marketing and blogging system designed to for one main primary purpose –to help you make real money online.

Who Are The Creator of The Empower Network?

The system was designed by David Wood and David Sharpe. This is just some of the things that you get with the Empower Network;

  1. A website with high converting web-copy that you can instantly start driving traffic to so that you can start making money.
  2. A professionally made sales and follow up formula made by David Wood and David Sharpe to do all the selling and telling for you.
  3. Products that people actually want. I have seen so many companies promoting overpriced products that people don’t really want.
  4. The Empower Network is paying out 100% commissions on products that people actually have a desire for: Information. Information is worth it’s weight in gold.

The creators of the Empower Network have done something that very few marketers in our industry have done before… They have allowed ordinary people like you and me the ability to earn 100% commissions on their products. It get’s even better. The products are already created. Every time you refer someone to the system you earn a 100% commission that is directly deposited into your bank account.

David Wood and David Sharpe were telling the truth when they said that they created this system to change people’s lives. I can tell you without a doubt that this system is going to make people A LOT of money. In the first week alone, over $200,000 were paid out in commissions. I can only imagine what the members of the Empower Network are going to be able to achieve in the coming months and years…

The Empower Network is one of those systems that comes out once in a blue moon. In my 4 years of marketing online, I have never EVER seen anything like this. I have seen systems that pay out anywhere from 20% to 70% in affiliate commissions. The Empower Network pays out 100%! 100% of all sales are directly deposited straight into your bank account.

What Do You Get By Being A Member of The Empower Network?

You can sign up to be a member of the Empower Network for as little as $25 or $125 a month. This is an extremely low resistance price point. Compare that to trying to recruit someone into a $500 mlm opportunity. Think about how much more resistance you will face if you tried to promote your mlm opportunity?  People want to make REAL money. Not some $10 affiliate product sales.

The $25 a month membership gets you the fast start core check training. In this membership, you will learn how to profit from blogging and getting content ranked in the search engines.

You also get a free SEO friendly WordPress blog that you can instantly start marketing and driving traffic to. This customized blog is already converting when it comes to generating leads, sales and putting money into your bank account. The blog has built in banners all around it with banners that are converting. Videos and content all around it.

You don’t have to learn web design, or any of the other 1 million things that it takes to get started online. The creators of the Empower Network have allowed ordinary people just like you and me the ability to leverage their ability to sell and keep 100% commissions in the process.

Without a doubt, the ability to sell and influence is one of the most powerful skills that any person can possess. David Wood and David Sharpe are masters when it comes to selling. With the Empower Network, you will not have to do any selling or telling. David Wood and David Sharpe will do that for you.

Why did David Wood and David Sharpe decide to pay their members 100% commissions? Because they wanted to solve the problem of people not making money online. They wanted ordinary people to have the type of money that the “gurus” actually get paid. They have done this all for us so that we can run a business like a guru without going through all of the complicated setup of running an online business.

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