Increasing Your AdWords CTR the Right Way

Are you interested in increasing the CTR of your AdWords campaign? There’s no need to look anymore because in this article you will find some efficient ideas that will help you improve your clickthrough rate.

Use Ad Groups Effectively: When you’re testing out various ads in your campaign, you’ll notice that some of them are superstars – the ads that tend to outperform the others. So, how can you find out which ads they are? First of all, you need to do your testing and secondly, these ads should use top/high traffic keywords. Your ad groups need to be focused on these keywords and you need to separate them into different categories, one for broad, one for phrase and one for exact. You don’t need to do this for all your keywords, but only for those you believe warrant it. This will allow you to modify your ads so that they conform to each “match type”.

Make use of sitelinks in order to improve CTR in your campaigns. You’ll see a big boost in the clickthrough rate of your campaign if you use this simple feature for your advantage. So, what does this tool have to offer you and your AdWords campaign? The real beauty of it is that it allows you to link to more pages on your website. The advantage that you have with this feature is that you can have a variety of targeted options for the users, which will get more people to clickthrough.

Another benefit is that this is still a relatively new tool and not widely used so your ad will stand out if you’re taking advantage of it. Of course that’s just the beginning. You won’t have to spend a single extra cent to use.

Use search network to test with. If you want to get the best bang for your buck you’re going to have to test your ads before you wind up paying for ads that aren’t effective. The search network can negatively impact your clickthrough rate or even boost it. Testing often is the only way you can have a good idea of how well your CTR campaign is going to perform. Sometimes you’ll find that a certain campaign works extremely well for the search network, and other times you’ll find it giving you a bad CTR. When you test thoroughly before you launch a campaign you’ll find that you save a lot of money and wasted effort on campaigns that have dismal CTRs. Designing a successful AdWords campaign that generates profits and results over the long term requires perseverance, patience and quite a bit of time. When you are working on a campaign you need to forget about your feelings because you need to be practical if you want to ensure you are making the right choices.  Learn more from Instant Mass Money and CB Mage

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