Get comfortable

Looking for an easy way to update your church? If you have any updates that you can make to your church, it will be a major outreach effort. It is okay for a pastor or church leader to change methods of evangelization, as the doctrinal message of salvation has not been altered. Church modernization is an effective way to create an atmosphere where people can react to the anointing of the Spirit of God. If a person is comfortable with their surroundings, they will be able to focus on the message or music. There are a few ways to create an environment where a person can be at ease. Church Chairs or pews that they sit on need to be comfortable. The pulpit, the minister uses to preach or teach, should be attractive. The Baptistery must be current and have a method to heat water. Many people were baptized in rivers, lakes and streams, and these worked well.
If a baptistery is nice and very clean, it will be easy for the person to be baptized and enjoy this special moment in their lives.

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