Bring In Over 80 Leads A Day Via Article Marketing

David Wood is by far the most inspirational, spirited and talented individual that I have ever encountered. ‘Oh to touch the hem of his garment’ – well maybe not quite, but when it comes to article marketing secrets David has certainly got it nailed down to an art and I am convinced that there is a specific art form to successful MLM sponsoring. Having been involved with mlm for some seven years or so, like most of us David struggled in building his business offline. Can I just say at this point to clarify that there is indeed a place for offline mlm marketing despite the people who say ‘offline mlm’ is dead.

After a year and a half of living off of his dwindling residual income he drew a line in the sand and turned to the internet to market his mlm. David was flat broke, at this point he was literally eating rice from cans and wondering where the next meal was coming from This was 5 months ago. Now he is over $100,000 better off, generates over 80 leads a day for free and has now moved to a new home in Costa Rica with a beach outside his front door. He is very inspiring! Plus he has not spent a penny on advertising. ‘What the heck?’ I hear you ask.

Content and online article marketing is the method employed by David to drive massive amounts of traffic to his websites and it stands to reason that massive traffic equals massive results. Using some simple online article marketing strategies and using videos you can over time dominate the search engines for your niche market. It’s been fun to watch David’s alexa ranking climb to 28,500, an accomplishment indeed in such a short space of time!.

To succeed in this marketing method it is vital that you write good articles, they must captivate your audience. You want to give your readers good useful content and you also need to drive them to take action and click your link in the author resource box, done correctly you can get yourself some good visitors to your site. Also you will be building backlinks to your webpage which is essential to help you rank better in the search engines organic results. You need to be very consistent with this, preferably every day. Once you have your article post it to some of the popular directories so that your content gets seen, it is also worthwhile shooting a video to advertise your article so that you increase exposure. By using another secret technique you can really shoot your traffic up massively. More on that in the resource box.

There is no doubt about it that if you have a limited budget for marketing then content marketing is the way to go, but be warned it’s no free lunch! It will take time to create content and then promote it, but it will be worth the effort, investigate the results David Wood gets and you will discover for yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of stealing someone else’s articles because in the long run it just won’t work and is plagiarism and can get you in a lot of trouble. To maximise results you should put your own personality into your writing, this way you will get more leads and more suitable prospects. Things will be far superior for you this way. By the way David Wood got these phenomenal results for 2 websites, not just one!

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