Backlinks are very important in affiliate marketing. Having relevant links that come back to your site is going to help your page rank. The more links that you have relevant to your site is the extremely important part for an affiliate marketer to have. There are many ways to get them and all should be used if they are white hat practices. It is important to know that an irrelevant backlink is not what you should be looking for. It only makes sense to obtain relevant backlinks and this is what you should do to build your websites relevancy and recognition.

One way to get backlinks is through article marketing. When you write an article for your site and submit them with a link you are getting a backlink. When doing this you are also writing content for your site and as they say in the world of affiliate marketing “Content is King”. If you are using WordPress make sure to put your new content in your post. New content should be indexed and you will have your site crawled and looked at for the new content.  This will allow the search engines to discover any improvements you may have made on your website.

Another way to get a backlink is commenting on other blogs. Write a comment about the site at hand and make sure it adds to the meaning of the site. Make the comment to the site positive and how your link will be a benefit to the blog. This type of backlinking will only work if the owner of the website accepts your comment into their comment section. So my advice is to say something encouraging or what intrigues you about the site.

Another way to get backlinks is by asking an owner of a site with the same keywords/niche and see if they are willing to give you a one-way backlink. By the meaning of a one way backlink is to have another site related to yours and put your website link on their site. This can be difficult as you benefit immensely and the person giving you the one way backlink does not gain much from putting your link on their website. However, this is a great way to push your site up in the rankings if you can get one way links from a relevant website. Look for high page ranked sites to get one way links from. The higher the page rank you can get a one way link from will consider your site as a valuable site in the eyes of search engines.

If you cannot get a one way link from a site you can see if you could get a reciprocal link with a relevant site to your niche. This is a way to get in the network of your niche and you will be interconnected. This however does not pull as much weight as a one way link. A reciprocal link if good practice but you really will not see a movement in your sites standings in the search engines. The best automated backlink software that will get you a great placement in search engine optimization rankis is Automate Backlink Creator.

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