Animoto – Video Creation Is A Cinch

Animoto – Creating Videos Is A Cinch

If you are involved in marketing online, you you probably already know that videos have become an important ingredient in having a presence online. If you think about videos online, YouTube is the most popular web site and its rapid growth shows how you need to keep up with online trends. Alexa ranks sites for the number of web views and visitors and YouTube, which started life in 2005, is ranked third. Videos are uploaded to the website literally each second and viewings top a billion per day, so YouTube is here to stay. So if you have never put a video online yourself, you might be interested to try the online service provided by Animoto.

The reasoning behind Animoto is that anyone, no matter his technical ability can use their service to offer high quality looking videos. A major advantage is that it is very fast, so it is a matter of deciding on how best to utilize it as part of your video marketing mix. It is simple to sign up for and you can try the system out at no cost although you are restricted to thirty seconds of video as a non-paying member.  Pro members pay the most and nevertheless it is extremely cost-effective based on what you then have access to. For videos created for online marketing, the top tier of membership makes sense because of the features and that the Animoto name will not be displayed at the end of the video.

As for producing a video, this is all really simple and step by step. There are several backgrounds you choose for your video and once you have completed that you are ready for the next stage. The next screen is where you start to make your video and the first task is to pick out a few images. The choices available are to get these from your own computer or indeed Facebook and if you desire, Animoto has several stock photos you can use. A mix of photos and texts is possible here which is probably something that you would want to do.

Music is the next element you can put in, with Animoto having its own library you can choose from or music you have downloaded yourself can be used. If you prefer the Animoto option, these are tracks you are permitted to use and you can listen to clips before making your pick. The music selected can be altered if it turns out that it does not sound right and this means that you do not have to put your video online until you are happy with it. All that is left to do at this point is to name your video and come up with a description so that it can be made for you.

You need not wait a long time before your video is created and Animoto will email you when it is completed although you can see from their interface that it is ready to go. The end result is a video of high quality that may impress you when you consider how simple the whole process was to follow. There is the option to go back and edit it if you want but if you are delighted with the result, you can actually export it there and then to YouTube.

Producing videos is surely something you can do using a tool like Animoto.

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