AdSense Click Software

[URL=””]{AdSense Clicker|AdSense Auto Clicker|ClickGhost[/URL] is an ClickBot that hits your website and sometimes begins click sequences. It switches user agents and uses proxies. You can set AdSense Click Software as you prefer. It is created to hit homepages and simulate real webhits.

A few weeks ago people began working with it as [URL=””]AdSense Auto Clicker[/URL] in combination with lots of traffic. I am not using AdSense, but i know from several people making a lot of money with it.

AdSense ClickBots are regularly lookd for by lots of people and lots of them will spend money to try their luck, so take profit from them!

Each Sale brings you 20$, if you have a frequent visited page, you will get more, just ask.

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