12SecondCommute Evaluation – Scam Or Has It True Value To It’s Membership?

12SecondCommute Highlights:

The 12SecondCommute site looks like it’s a membership site that gives a suite of online tools, resources, and coaching materials for internet marketers, nevertheless the real question is – is it a scam or will it really provide you with value for money, and genuine profits for people who make the decision to promote it?

The site claims to be the most comprehensive web marketing and income opportunity center on the market. You can explore it at 12SecondCommute.com.

The website claims that it delivers a top of the line auto responder, ad tracker, URL rotator, capture page creator, and a couple of other tools. It also appears to offer various income opportunities.

The 12SecondCommute site claims that their membership is split up into two different sections;  which are the 12 Second Commute Online Tools and the Opportunity Center. The tools area is where all of the online marketing tools are located and the opportunity center includes products or services that can be promoted and training materials. While there is no direct mention of Darryl Graham, it seems that his company designed all of these online tools and materials.

Vendor and Business owner Information:

It looks as if that the founder is Darryl Graham, yet the stated owner of the website is ISORegister Inc. They are operating out of Virginia and appear to have a good all round reputation.

12SecondCommute Costs, Fees, Bonuses, and Guarantees

There is a thirty day immediate access free of charge trial period available to make it possible for probable clients to familiarize themselves and it doesn’t even require a credit card to sign up for. The program would seem to offer both a monthly membership at $29 and for an individual upgrading off the 3o day trial within 5 days this is greatly reduced to $14 a month which would look to be exceptional value as the likes of Aweber and Getrsponse are both roughly $19 a month – simply for the autoresponder.

A Quick Overview Summary

The 12 Second Commute member’s program reportedly gives you a variety of online marketing tools as well as promotional programs. The site also affirms that with the membership program, you will additionally get the opportunity to market it as an affiliate. At this moment, it would appear that the commission tiers go three levels deep. Further, it states that after you upgrade, you will secure access to any other online marketing tools that they introduce to the members area in the foreseeable future.

The system seems to offer a number of different payment options. There appears to be a one-time fee offer as well as the opportunity to pay a decreased monthly subscription. There doesn’t seem to be any money back guarantee, even so there is a thirty day no cost trial run that appears to provide total access to the clients area and the online webmaster tools.

During my research for this article I did locate quite a few testimonials from end users and internet marketers that appear to imply that 12SecondCommute is not a scam and that it does furnish all the tool web based marketers must have to be successful and 12SecondCommute affiliates appear to be making fine residual profits from selling 12SecondCommute.

The testimonial that follows is by one of 12SecondCommutes affiliate leaders:

Darryl, you have exceeded my expectation once again. This even surpasses your previous offerings over the 5 years I have enjoyed the results from being associated with you! As one of your Charter Members, with access in the background as we collaborate and continue on to develop this exceptional online marketing tools and residual income package I’m totally confident no-one will find better value anywhere on the world-wide-web. Professional Online Online webmaster tools that everyone MUST have to be successful, Explosive Passive Incomes, our EXCLUSIVE Program Builder, great training, and an easy to use and promote program, this has turned out to be a sure fire winner for all! AllanJames- the StartBusinessMentor


Based on  my research it looks like 12SecondCommute is not a scam and the free 30 day instant access trial – no payment details of any sort needed – appears to be very reasonable and not the sort of thing you in most cases find available from scam sites.

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